sabato 12 aprile 2014

1) The European parliamentary elections are almost upon us, and they are the most important ones so far. It is high time to re-launch the European project, and to confront both with anti-European populism and excessive economic austerity.

2) It has now become clear that the process of European integration was only able to be driven by the promise of economic benefits alone, only until the introduction of the single market. Since then, with the possibly premature introduction of the Euro, this model has been in crisis, and is in fact reversing the process of European integration, the hearth and the goal of new Europe.

3) The Euro project will advance nevertheless, finding effective solutions to the problems which have arisen. Even though it was launched without a central authority, and too dependent on automatic control mechanisms, the single currency can, and must, not fail, at the risk of the European peoples relapsing first into national, and then nationalist, behaviour.

4) Economic austerity can and must not be the only solution to the current crisis. Without a European economic authority, with a common policy to address the imbalances between heterogeneous economic areas, the single currency cannot succeed. But it has no greater chance of success if we only, or primarily, look for an economic solution.

5) We need to extend our perspective from a purely economic analysis to a broader vision of Europe’s past and future. Europe has a culture and civilization which precedes, and is much more, than both its undeniable economic successes, and the concept of mankind as homo oeconomicus. It was also the birthplace of the ideas of society as a polis, history as a process of change and progress, and the separation of civil and religious authority.

6) Let us also remember that the original aim of the European union was to put an end to the frequent and bloody wars between neighbouring countries which culminated in the Second World War. In the 1950s, the European Coal and Steel Union started to unite the countries of Europe economically and politically, to guarantee lasting peace. This economic integration was then accompanied by civil and political integration.

7) Collaboration within the EU has already reaped rewards in the fields of civil rights, environmental protection, the development of renewable energy and the coordination of scientific research. These achievements are the common property of all Europeans, and we must continue in these directions.

8) Europe has an enormous variety, and that is its strength. A great cultural and political diversity has developed over thousands of years, and Europe has been able to combine these various cultures, to learn from each other, to get the best out of each of them and derive benefits for all. It is vital for the present and the future they continue to do so.

9) Europa must also encourage and support the development of democracy, and promote respect for human rights, within Europe and throughout the world. The EU must have a programme of humanitarian relief and social integration for those seeking refuge from the horrors of armed conflict, and offer chances to those striving to escape from the grip of poverty.

10) Some things in the institutions of the European community must change, if the process of integration is not to stall. For example:
a) The role of inter-governmental agreements, which are too vulnerable to trade-offs of particular interests, and veto rights, must be reduced,
b) The Euro zone needs a central economic authority, and rethink its model of economic development. (1)

Between 22nd and 25th May, the citizens of the 28 countries in the European Union are called upon to elect their representatives in the European Parliament:

Citizens of Europe, associations of civil society, let’s organize ourselves! Let’s not let Europe be snatched from us! Let us give a voice to a democratic Europe which is served by its economy, rather than serving it!

29 March  2014

Volta La Carta!! e. V. – Heidelberg

1 ) Also, the Glienicke group, here in Germany, recently made some interesting proposals in this direction. See:

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